Board   Development   and   Transformations

  • Comprehensive Board Self – Assessments and Governance Reviews
  • Board Structure and Operations Review and Transformation
  • Board Roles and Responsibilities – Review, education, comparison to best practices, recommendations and coached action planning.
  • Board Performance and Accountability Reviews


  • United Way of Greater Atlanta
  • Spartanburg County Foundation
  • The Atlanta Humane Society
  • Oakridge Neighborhood
  • Bonnet House & Museum
  • Bikes of New York
  • Women in Government
  • Organization of Black Areospace Professionals
  • Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
  • Pocahontas Memorial Hospital
  • Center for Rural Health Development, Inc.
  • Conquer Cancer Foundation
  • New River Health Center for Rural Health Development, Inc.
  • Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts
  • Wirt Community Health Association
  • Minnie Hamilton Health System
  • Camden on Gauley Medical Center
  • Bernadine Medical Center Foundation
  • Bernadine Medical Center Foundation
  • USO – GA


Board gain an accurate and reliable understanding of their current performance.

Board better understands their specific improvement goals related to roles, responsibilities and expectations that would lead to achieving the level of high performance.

Boards achieve an enhanced understanding of accountability and how to achieve effectiveness.