Diversity,   Equity   and   Inclusion

  • DEI training programs designed to engage participants in a process of learning, engagement and improvement.
  • Consulting focuses on DEI accountability, board membership and organizational commitment.
  • DEI evaluation is inclusive in most consulting such as Board Self-Assessments and Governance Reviews
  • Apply best practice research, data and theory to guide structured DEI action plans.


  • Robin Hood Foundation’s grantee organizations
  • Young Audiences of Art – National Conference
  • Association of Government Risk Pools
  • DEI is an inclusive review in all Board Assessment and reviews.


Promotes increased understanding by having well-crafted definitions of diversity, equity and inclusion accompanied by customized key goals and metrics.

Organizations are better able to define and develop corporate goals and actionable steps to advance diversity and inclusion.

Ensures consistency in training and development that supports overall learning and understanding of DEI.