Education   and   Training

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards – Basic and Advanced Level Content
  • Best Practices of High Performing Boards
  • Board-Staff Constructive Partnership
  • Board Structures and Governance Models
  • Board-Building Cycle – Board Recruitment and Engagement
  • Nonprofit Board Leadership Series – Customized presentations
  • Succession Planning


  • In person trainings
  • Conferences
  • Webinars


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of North Carolina- training for grantees
  • Community Foundation of Broward County- grantees
  • Prudential Insurance
  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Florida Center for Nursing
  • New Life Academy of Excellence Charter School
  • Health and Environment Sciences Institute (HESI)


Onsite Training:


  • High level of engagement, relevant content and real time problem solving allows boards and staff to identify immediate solutions to persistent challenges.
  • Participants have access to numerous tools, templates and best practice strategies that they can apply immediate after the training. They have an opportunity to think generatively and reflectively about their organization’s priorities and the board’s role.



  • Reduced Costs – With webinar training, your organization can cut the costs of traveling.
  • Consistency – Repetition leaves room for inconsistency. Our webinars are great for future reference and establishing a consistent message in your organization.
  • Convenience – Some organizations have multiple locations with responsibilities that are affected by time. SCN will help with easy to access webinars.